Eleventh Annual Youth in Film Awards


Best Motion Picture Drama
Dad, Universal
Dead Poets Society, Touchstone
Immediate Family, Columbia
Lean On Me, Warner Bros.
My Left Foot, Miramax E
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Paramount

Best Family Motion Picture Comedy
Ghostbusters II, Columbia
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Buena Vista
Look Who's Talking, Tri-Star
Parenthood, Universal
The Wizard, Universal
Turner & Hooch, Buena Vista

Best Family Motion Picture Family Musical or Fantasy
The Adventures of Baron von Munchausen, Columbia
Back to the Future II, Universal
The Abyss, 20th Century Fox
Batman, Warner Bros.

Best Family Motion Picture Adventure or Cartoon
Babar, The Movie, New Line Cinema
The Adventures of Milo and Otis, Columbia
The Bear, Tri-Star
All Dogs Go to Heaven, MGM-UA
The Little Mermaid, Disney

Best Young Actress Starring in a Motion Picture
Blaze Berdahl, Pet Sematary
Rebecca Harrell, Prancer
Jenny Lewis, The Wizard
Robyn Lively, Teen Witch
Sarah Polley, The Adventures of Baron von Munchausen
Winona Ryder, Great Balls of Fire

Best Young Actress Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
Arina Richards, Prancer
Sarah Rowland Doroff, The Three Fugitives
Karen Malina White, Lean On Me
Gaby Hoffman, Field of Dreams
Amy O'Neill, Honey I Shrunk The Kids
Kala Savage, Little Monsters

Best Young Actor Starring in a Motion Picture
Sean Astin, Staying Together
Kirk Cameron, Listen To Me
Joel Carlson, Communion
Keith Coogan, Cheetah
Corey Danziger, Burbs
Joshua Miller, Teen Witch
Leaf Phoenix, Parenthood
Jared Rushton, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
Fred Savage, The Wizard
Ben Savage, Little Monsters

Best Young Actor Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
Kevin Dillon, Immediate Family
Luke Edwards, The Wizard
Jason Fisher, Parenthood
Lukas Haas, Music Box
Ethan Hawke, Dad
Whitby Hertford, Nightmare on Elm Street V
Jermaine Hopkins, Lean on Me
Gabriel Damon, Tequila Sunrise
Hugh O'Connor, My Left Foot

Best New Television Series
Ann Jillian, NBC
Baywatch, NBC
Doogie Howser, M.D., ABC
Family Matters, ABC
Free Spirit, ABC
Life Goes On, ABC
Major Dad, CBS
Sister Kate, NBC

Best Young Actress Guest Starring in a Television Series
Mayim Bialik, Empty Nest
Deonca Brown, Superior Court
Holly Fields, MacGyver
Karen Lundy, Midnight Caller
Crystal McKellar, Paradise
Solaz, The Judge
Juliet Sorcey, Wolf

Best Young Actor Guest Guest Starring in a Television Series
Mark Ballou, Paradise
Michael John Burns, Paradise
Justin Burnette, Who's the Boss?
Scott Ferguson, Mancuso, FBI
Jason Horst, It's Garry Shandling's Show
Randy Joselyn, Family
Cuba Gooding Jr. MacGyver
Kenny Morison, Grownig Pains
Ryan Bollman, Life Goes On
John Chaidez, General Hospital
Michael Bacall, Doogie Hawser, M.D.
Michael Bays, Life Goes On
Brandon Stewart, The Judge
Bobby Jacoby, The Wonder Years
Joshua Miller, The Wonder Years

Best Young Actress Starring in a TV Movie, Pilot or Special
Annabeth Gish, When He's Not a Stranger
Amy Lynne, Private Affair
Keshia Knight Pulliam, Polly
Emily Schulman, Caddie Woodlawn
JulieSorcey, Taken Away

Best Young Actor Starring in a TV Movie, Pilot or Special
Brian Austin Green, Adventures in Babysitting
Brian Bonsall, The Muffin Man
Kevin Dillon, When, He's Not a Stranger
Corey Danziger, Married to the Mob
Stephen Dorff, The Muffin Man
Brandon Adams, Polly
Cory Nemec, I Know My First Name is Steven
Jacob Vargas, Hard Times on Planet Earth
Joey Lawrence, Adventures in Babysitting
Lantz Landry, No Place Like Home

Best Young Actress Starring in a Television Series
Candace Cameron, Full House
Alyson Hannigan, Free Spirit
Chelsea Hertford, Major Dad
Staci Keenan, My Two Dads
Lisa Rieffel (Lucy), Ann Jillian
Danica McKellar, The Wonder Years
Jodie Sweetin, Full House
Jenny Beck, Paradise

Best Young Actor Starring in a Television Series
Danny Ponce, The Hogan Family
Darius McCrary, Family Matters
Vonni Ribisi, My Two Dads
David Faustino, Married With Children
Fred Savage, The Wonder Years
Neil Patrick Harris, Doogie Hawser, M.D.
Matthew Newmark, Paradise
Jason Hervey, The Wonder Years
Jeremy Licht, The Hogan Family
Jeremy Miller, Growing Pains
Danny Pintauro, Who's the Boss?

Best Young Actress Supporting Role in a Television Series
Amy Hathaway, My Two Dads
Andrea Barber, Full House
Sara Gilbert, Roseanne
Lauren Woodland, Alien Nation
Tempestt Bledsoe, The Cosby Show
Kellie Martin, Life Goes On
Lecy Goranson, Roseanne
Heidi Ziegler, Just the Ten of Us

Best Young Actor Supporting Role in a Television Series
Brandon Call, Baywatch
Kevin Telles, Life Goes On
Luke Rossi, thirtysomething
Paul Scherrer, Free Spirit
Harley Cross, Sister Kate
Tommy Puett, Life Goes On
Jeff Bollow, Ann Jillian Show
Malcolm-Jamal Warner, The Cosby Show
Jason Priestley, Sister Kate
Michael Faustino, HeartBeat

Best Young Actress in a Daytime Drama
Ashley Peldon, The Guiding Light
Kimberley McCullough, General Hospital
Christie Clark, Days of Our Lives
Mindy Clarke, Days of Our Lives
Julie Condra, Santa Barbara

Best Young Actor in a Daytime Drama
Michael Bays, Days of Our Lives
Justin Gocke, Santa Barbara
Ryan Brennan, Days of Our Lives
R.J. Williams, General Hospital

Best Family TV Movie Pilot or Special
Free To Be a Family, Landmark
Frog Girl, The Jennifer, Graham Story. CBS
No Place Like Home, Orion Television
When He's Not a Stranger, CBS
I Know My First Name Is Steven, NBC

Outstanding Performance by an Actress Under 9 Years of Age
Nicole Alysis, Sidewalk Stories
Brighton Hertford, General Hospital
Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen, (Twins), Full House
Raven-Symone, The Cosby Show
Thora, Day by Day

Outstanding Performance by an Actor Under 9 Years of Age
Michael Patrick Carter, Paradise
Miko Hughes, Pet Sematary
Zachary Lavoy, Parenthood
Brian Bonsall, Family Ties
Tony T. Johnson, Amen

Best Young Actor in an Off-Prime Time Family Series
Dustin Diamond, Saved By the Bell
Alexander Polin, Charles in Charge
Jason Marsden, The Munsters Today
Scott Nemes, It's Garry Shandling's Show
Will Nipper, Lassie
Jerry O'Connell, My Secret Identity
Kevin Osgood, The Mickey Mouse Club
Damon Pampolino, The Mickey Mouse Club
John Snee, The New Leave It to Beaver
Wil Wheaton, Star Trek, The Next Generation

Best Young Actress in an Off-Prime Time Family Series
Tiffany Brisette, Small Wonder
Wendy Cox, Lassie
Josie Davis, Charles in Charge
Nicole Eggert, Charles in Charge
Maureen Flannigan, Out of This World
Hilary Van Dyke, The Munsters Today
Lark Voohries, Saved by the Bell

Best Off-Prime Time Family Series
Charles in Charge
The Munsters Today
The New Leave It to Beaver
Out of This World
Saved By the Bell
Star Trek, The Next Generation
My Secret Identity

Outstanding Young Ensemble Cast

B.D. Williams, Dephne Lyn Jones, Trent Cameron, and Johnny Bennett

Kids Incorporated:
Love Hewitt, Sean O'Riordan, Stacy Ferguson, Kenny Ford, Devyn Puett and Richard Shoff.

A Mother's Courage, The Mary Thomas Story:
Garland Spencer, A.J. Johnson, Leon, T.C. Carson, Swain Perry,
Nathaniel Barnes, Robert Bady, Shamon Ricks and Larry 0. Williams

Saved By the Bell:
Tiffany Amber Thiessen, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez, Dustin Diamond, Elizabeth Berkley and Lark Voohries

DeGrassi Junior High:
Dayo Ade, Sarag Ballingall, Stefan Brogen, Michael Carry, Christopher Charlesworth, Amanda Cook, Irene Courakos, Angela Deiseach, Anais Granofski, Rebecca Haines, Neil Hope, Cathy Kennen, Pat Mastroianni, Maureen McKay, Stacie Mistysyn, Bill Parrott, Syluck Saysanasy, Amanda Steptoe and Duncan Waugh


Former Child Star - Life Achievement Award
Margaret O'Brien
"A Journey for Margaret"

Fomer Child Star - Life Achievement Award
Jon Provost

Outstanding Contribution to Youth through Television
The Michael Landon Award
Donna Metroff
Producer, "Wonderworks" PBS

Outstanding Contribution to Youth through Motion Pictures
The Jackie Coogan Award
Norman Twain
Producer, "Lean Lean on Me"

Inspiration to Youth
Christopher Burke
"As Life Goes On"

Best Young Actor Under Nine Appearing in a Foreign Film
Salvatore Cascio
(Italy) "Cinema Paradiso"

Salvatore Cascio

Outstanding Young Actress in a Foreign Film
Helen Pearce (England) "When the Whales Came"

Helen Pearce

Outstanding Young Actor in a Foreign Film
Max Rennie
(England) "When the Whales Came"

Max Rennie

Best Foreign Film
"When The Whales Came"

When The Whales Came